We are good at expressing ourselves
When a small life comes around
Our infinite joy
You will even find that little life is you
We are good at expressing ourselves
When a big life leaves
We are infinitely sad
Even you will find that the big life is like you
We are silent in infinite expression
Express the emotions of all things with the door of freedom
Not knowing
We live like everything
Use breeding systems of different sizes
Solve the problem of reproduction
Solve a complex. Multiply emotions


Let it come
Dance a dance with my beloved in my sleep
Let the painting on the wall witness this scene
I just want something to witness
Eyes of sadness
Let me relax in endless exhaustion
Carefree playing old records
Time is ancient
Let me close my eyes
Leave the most precious thing


You are a fish looking up at the sky across the water
There is a gust of wind
Will always fall from your head
Like dust accumulated in the vacant room
Deciduous knock on the lake
You look forward to the sun and the moon
A shooting star can also make the lake shine
The moment of breathing in heaven and earth
The joys and sorrows of all things are not so strong
Fire from day to night
Give me
A noisy world
Colorful dreams


on the bed
Beautiful praises and bad praises spread across the field
Lovers intertwined into a stretch of wick
Unfinished words, drunk
Hug doesn’t need to last as long as a lifetime
Anyway, carbon black people are recyclable garbage

In the night of modernity, fire is a fast moving consumer goods
Ten thousand lighters scramble for momentum
Speaking of love
“In the past only forests and houses could ignite blazing fire
Now after our concerted efforts
Fire becomes safe, convenient and equal class “
The other page of the press release says
“Freeze death rate increased by 7.0% year-on-year”

In countless clothes
Innocent civilians, surrounded by a lonely fire
I froze you and me


Then you explain
We will start burning
The moth puts out the fire
Mountain alliance pledge, landslide tsunami
Until the death is annihilated
The mountains hold the moon high
Tide tiled with stars
Blooming tomorrow’s debauchery
Lu Ming Lu Qi Lu De Ming
Whale song
The world is like a dream
May your eyes be filled with tears forever
Not seen
Even if I never see you again

Politely executed

Tell me a poem
If you say you love life like you love me
That is undoubtedly a lie
I’m walking down your pale skin under your blood vessels
Coaxing you that everything will be fine
Tell me goodbye
As the only survivor in the accident
You insist you are the winner
A winner
You always have such a terrible roulette heart
Shallow and weak breathing in the sun
You hurt yourself with a sharp knife
I will get everything I want
You shout
And think that he is omnipotent
Tell me a wish
Not an expected answer
This eagerness should not be called love