I never like to be caught unprepared by everything. I prefer to be prepared if something happens.

No title

Remove the gift bag with the embers of grass leaves, and a sharp animal tooth decorated with starlight appeared in front of him. The animal teeth are about two inches long, with traces of wear on the top, and the blackening of the roots seems to be stained with dry blood. It cracks up along the ravine and stays at the top of the white sharp teeth. It is covered with grass ashes, and a clumsy smiling face is drawn with water crooked.


You are the Hongxia and wind after the heavy rain, you’re the return of lover’s dreams, you’re the dark surge in the poet’s letters, you’re the most beautiful calmness in the winter night fire, you’re the straight past of the radio station, you’re a second shot in the silent hour, you’re you’re the softest drunk in the midnight restaurant. You’re an isolated island in the eyes of the ugly people, the birds fall into the sea and run away. You sleep in peace, don’t listen to the noise outside the window. You’re the lover of oath, you’re in a cage of lies. You’re disturbed and suppressed, you’re still desperate, and you die in the arms of the mountains and rivers.


One gram of loneliness

The gold in the mountains has also become melancholy. hundreds of millions of gold are just mineral primitive forests without factories.

No market

Grab food with wild animals.

Fight for seeds with the wind.

Compete with everything for sunshine. Water. Land. Air

Loneliness makes people understand the origin of human beings.

Evolution and even extinction