A word

People always maintain an irrevocable distance between people, admitting it so as not to impose their opinions on the other party, and admitting this distance so that they do not wantonly use or evaluate each other.


—Everything is destiny
Everything is smoke
Everything is the beginning without an ending
Everything is a fleeting pursuit
There is no smile in all joy
There is no tears in all suffering
All languages are repeated
All interaction is the first meeting
All love is in my heart
Everything is in my dreams
All hopes come with notes
All beliefs moan
All explosions have a moment of tranquility
All deaths have long echoes

Ordinary world

All suffering has an irreparable nature. However, in most cases, this simply means that some important value is irretrievably lost. At the same time, there are other values in life. They encourage the suffering to bear the immediate suffering. For example, even if a lovelorn has been completely disappointed in love, he will still live for his career or for his loved ones.