Death poetry club

You must try to find your own voice. The later you start looking, the less likely you are to find it. Thoreau said that most people live in calm despair. Don’t fall into this situation and rush out.


An American soldier was five minutes late, and the instructor sent him two hours to stand.

After the penalty, the instructor asked him: why are you late?

The soldier replied: I get up late.

The instructor listened angrily: what if soldiers all over the world were like you?

The soldier replied lightly: there will be no war in the world.


You are the Hongxia and wind after the heavy rain, you’re the return of lover’s dreams, you’re the dark surge in the poet’s letters, you’re the most beautiful calmness in the winter night fire, you’re the straight past of the radio station, you’re a second shot in the silent hour, you’re you’re the softest drunk in the midnight restaurant. You’re an isolated island in the eyes of the ugly people, the birds fall into the sea and run away. You sleep in peace, don’t listen to the noise outside the window. You’re the lover of oath, you’re in a cage of lies. You’re disturbed and suppressed, you’re still desperate, and you die in the arms of the mountains and rivers.


One gram of loneliness

The gold in the mountains has also become melancholy. hundreds of millions of gold are just mineral primitive forests without factories.

No market

Grab food with wild animals.

Fight for seeds with the wind.

Compete with everything for sunshine. Water. Land. Air

Loneliness makes people understand the origin of human beings.

Evolution and even extinction

Beyond history

Some small people have achieved false success, and their success has soon been forgotten by history. Some great people have achieved real success, and their success is always remembered by history. But I know that there are still many excellent people who are completely indifferent to success and do not end up with success. For these people, history neither remembers them nor forgets them. They are beyond history.