I never like to be caught unprepared by everything. I prefer to be prepared if something happens.

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Remove the gift bag with the embers of grass leaves, and a sharp animal tooth decorated with starlight appeared in front of him. The animal teeth are about two inches long, with traces of wear on the top, and the blackening of the roots seems to be stained with dry blood. It cracks up along the ravine and stays at the top of the white sharp teeth. It is covered with grass ashes, and a clumsy smiling face is drawn with water crooked.


Wake up in the morning and live a good day. I’ve only paid attention to this recently. Now I’m not lying, and reading is gradually not for vanity and calculation. I used to rely on tomorrow and perfunctory present, but not now. Live a very cherished life day by day.


The weather will get colder, the day will shorten, and the leaves will fall from the tree. Then Christmas, winter, will snow. You’ll live, see the beautiful scenery of frozen snow, and the day will grow longer after winter, and the ice in the pond will melt. The larks will come back to sing, and the frogs will wake up and blow the warm wind.

All these beautiful things, beautiful sounds and smells are waiting for you to enjoy, this beautiful world, these precious days.