The spiritual world is higher than the material world

A person gives a lot of energy to the material, there is no leisure to look after his life and soul. The poetic life must be a materially simple life, which can be confirmed on all great poets, philosophers, and sages at home and abroad.

“There is only one kind of true heroism in the world, that is, after seeing the truth of life, I still love life.”

Ancient Roman philosophers believed that adversity enlightens wisdom, and Buddhism regards its understanding of suffering as the starting point of consciousness, all of which have their own profound points. The inherent tragedy of life, it is superficial to turn a blind eye to it. Of course, we must pay attention not to see through the red dust. I believe that a person who has experienced ups and downs and still loves life must have many treasures extracted from pain in his chest.

Anthony Joshua uses boxing to convey the meaning of life to everyone.

Countless trainings have given me the ability to knock down opponents, which proves that my efforts are not in vain. But stronger opponents always exist. Being knocked down again and again does not mean failure. Standing up again, defeating them and defeating yourself at the same time, this is the real growth.