Death poetry club

You must try to find your own voice. The later you start looking, the less likely you are to find it. Thoreau said that most people live in calm despair. Don’t fall into this situation and rush out.


An American soldier was five minutes late, and the instructor sent him two hours to stand.

After the penalty, the instructor asked him: why are you late?

The soldier replied: I get up late.

The instructor listened angrily: what if soldiers all over the world were like you?

The soldier replied lightly: there will be no war in the world.


You are the Hongxia and wind after the heavy rain, you’re the return of lover’s dreams, you’re the dark surge in the poet’s letters, you’re the most beautiful calmness in the winter night fire, you’re the straight past of the radio station, you’re a second shot in the silent hour, you’re you’re the softest drunk in the midnight restaurant. You’re an isolated island in the eyes of the ugly people, the birds fall into the sea and run away. You sleep in peace, don’t listen to the noise outside the window. You’re the lover of oath, you’re in a cage of lies. You’re disturbed and suppressed, you’re still desperate, and you die in the arms of the mountains and rivers.

The ultimate entropy of the universe is entropy. what is entropy? Why does the entropy of everything increase?

Perhaps death is the ultimate and only real rule in this universe. In different objects, the arrival of this distraction may be slower or faster, but no one can avoid it. Whether it’s a person, a tree, a rabbit, a river, a planet, or even a universe, they seem to finally usher in their own time of separation.

After calculation, the scientists speculated about their fate. For example, the sun can live another five billion years, while the earth will live at 27.7 billion years, and the earth will be swallowed up by the sun in old age for about two.7 billion to three billion years, and walk through his life. Given the current lack of data, the life of the universe cannot make accurate predictions. To be sure, he will eventually usher in his own division. Whether it’s a big tear, a big collapse or a big heat of silence, these three endings only lead to this terminal moment in a different way. People always say that the ultimate entropy of the universe is entropy. what is entropy?

In the early nineteenth century, scientists discovered the law of conservation of energy and made it clear that the driving force of the world is energy. Human beings need to learn energy from food, plants need to grow to get energy from light, and the universe is expanding rapidly against dark energy. Interestingly, although energy is conserved, its conversion is missing. Scientists have made countless attempts to reduce the loss of energy conversion to zero, which is reflected in the fact that permanent motors have been tried by countless genius scientists, but without exception, they have failed. Until it was finally decided that there could be no permanent motivation in the world.

In the mid-nineteenth century, the famous German physicist and mathematician Clausius was the first real concept of entropy in the world. Clausius is the world’s recognized founder of thermodynamic theory and the founder of molecular motion theory. Entropy is one of the parameters that characterize the state of matter, and the physical will is complex, independent or confusing. At the beginning, entropy in physics refers to the quotient from which heat energy divides by temperature, marking the degree of heat conversion into work. However, with the continuous development of science, people have gradually given new meaning to business, that is, the disorder of things. The second law of thermodynamics reveals this disorder in the universe.

Prevent depression.

Depression, for most people, is a relatively distant disease, and many people think they will not suffer from it. In real life, however, the number of people with depression continues to increase. So why are more and more people suffering from depression? How to prevent depression in life?

The prevention of depression mainly depends on one’s own conditions. It is difficult to change social factors, only to change yourself. First of all, in terms of character, be an optimistic and cheerful person. When you encounter difficulties and setbacks, you should not blindly persist and drill at the tip of the bull’s horn, but know how to think from another angle.

Second, learn to broaden your social circle and build more good interpersonal relationships. Learn how to regulate yourself, communicate with others, and learn to understand each other in different people, so as to enhance your ability to identify and judge various psychological abnormalities.

Again, don’t panic in the face of depression. Understand that depression is a treatable disease. When depression occurs, you should know how to see a doctor in time. Basic psychological knowledge can be learned from all aspects. Have a certain understanding of mental diseases, which can not only reduce the occurrence of diseases, but also make the most suitable judgment when the disease occurs.