The weather will get colder, the day will shorten, and the leaves will fall from the tree. Then Christmas, winter, will snow. You’ll live, see the beautiful scenery of frozen snow, and the day will grow longer after winter, and the ice in the pond will melt. The larks will come back to sing, and the frogs will wake up and blow the warm wind.

All these beautiful things, beautiful sounds and smells are waiting for you to enjoy, this beautiful world, these precious days.


  1. Beautiful thoughts for a beautiful season. Personally, I have always loved winter best of all for the snow and cool (cold) temps. My brother lives in Arizona where he enjoys the heat and dryness. He shivers when I tell him we had a high of 55F (13C) and I melt when he tells me their low got down to 80F (28C)!
    Beautiful snow on Christmas day here in Lexington, KY; temp around 30F (-1C)!! A white Christmas like when I was a kid growing up in Kansas.
    Merry Christmas to you, my friend.

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