Meaningless escape

Trash and basic perception in the wastebasket
To kill the pagans,
I hug you and fall into sleep, falling into a waking dream.
The pale waves beat barefoot,
The dark tide surged into the heart wall,
We fled again under the moon,
Longing to escape from behind.

Finally I was killed,
The darkened eye sockets are sunken,
Moonlight shines in.
That’s right,
Holding a handful of clear blood,
Reflecting the stars.
I was redeemed by you when I was running away,
You gave me escape from the end result,
No more escaping.

Your tears are stacked in the wastebasket,
The ocean is silent,
You expected me to be a misfortune in an air crash,
I dance in your broken heart.
Your tears create a new ocean,
The black box and me are buried.
Wake up the next day,
Still in a dream,
You repeatedly search for the black box under the deep ocean.

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